How will Social Media Affect Marketing for 2016

For the past twenty years, the social media phenomenon has rapidly expanded, affecting millions of companies in every part of the world. The increased use of social media among prevalent users has made its lasting impact, and because of this, it has become an addition to the list of marketing techniques. This is because compared to others, it is considered to be the least expensive of all but has the highest impact among customers. This is mainly due to the fact that millions of people now have instant access to the internet using a modem and their trusty computers. In order to stay afloat in today’s generation, companies must dig out the best social media marketing strategy for 2016 by adapting to the current trends that have been proven to be successful.

As of now, there are no telltale signs that the use of social media is slowing down. For all that we know, it greatly dictates the current path of marketing. Without it, any business in today’s generation is bound to shrivel up and die. However, it is believed that the social media marketing strategy for 2016 won’t be limited to a single department that has been apparently penetrated by social media. The effect of social media has become prevalent among other departments because of its multifaceted use. For example, some companies use social media analytics in line with the customer service department. Using an application like Twitter, online customers are more likely to address their areas of concern by using hashtags or including the name of the company itself. At the same time, it has a dual purpose because it markets the brand of the product or service out into the open. A wider exposure to the public both has its benefits and limitations.

Two social media platforms have taken it a step higher by adding a “Buy” button. Yes, we are very familiar with the “Like” buttons as seen on Facebook and Pinterest, but the “Buy” button gives us that tempting chance to go ahead and actually purchase an item or service of our choice. This button saves us time from having to leave the app and being directed to a different site, which everyone agrees costs a bit of extra time. Living in the moment is really what social media is all about. Being a few steps behind can be quite deadly especially at an age like this, which companies are not risking at all.

That is probably why a lot of companies are turning to automation tools for your marketing campaigns in order to save time and money. These tools can be of big help especially when everyone is multitasking and needs to be over the place all at once. However, before you select a marketing automation tool, you should take a look if it can lead you closer to the goals that you’re trying to achieve. Otherwise, it could be a waste of effort. You can take a look at the following tools and see if they can help you and your company in any way.


This unified platform saves the time instead of having to go on different kinds of platforms. AdRoll allows users to gain customers and leads through the use of advertisements across a variety of sources. It matches customers with possible ads that they are looking for through retargeting strategies. Other than that, their personalized use allows you to view ads on a popular social platform like Facebook that appeals to you.


Acquired by AdRoll, Userfox is one of the latest players to sign up within the field and works well with companies that are highly involved with technology. The use of its simple interface should entertain users. Also, it is more likely to send emails that revolve on particular happenings.


People who deal with marketing on a daily basis are aware with what this marketing automation tool can do. Its variety of features allows people to get a hold on their email campaigns, which can be very beneficial for the sales department. Not only that, it also goes beyond what it is expected to do, which is why it is a favourite among many. The great thing about Marketo is that it has an active and widespread base. Companies that are willing to invest in a tool like this have to be prepared that it does not come cheap. However, with all that it’s worth, if it can bring the results, then why not?


iContact has collaborated with OutMarket and has a functional approach when it comes to your needs and knows when you have to offer the right kind of content at a precise moment. In addition to that, iContact allows you to form these custom experiences depending on the workflows that have been restructured in order to cater to your needs. A standout feature that many users will enjoy is its Recommendation Engine. It can be used to find engaging and relevant content that is popular at present. This tool is perfect for small and medium companies who are looking for features that are results-oriented. Best of all, its technology is easy to use especially among new users.


Eloqua is considered to be the cream of the crop in this part of the business because it is equipped with powerful features that could be of good use to you. This is perfect for expanding companies who are looking at software that can do absolutely everything. Because of what this powerful software can actually do, a hefty price tag is attached to it so be prepared of what it will cost you.
After gaining some relevant information regarding these automation tools for your marketing campaigns, now is the perfect time for you to put them into action according to what your needs are and the goals belonging to your company. These tools should guide you and put you and your company in the right direction towards a path of business growth, determination and success.

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