Security Update – SiteLock Partnership

Hi there,
how are you guys? Hope you are doing fine,actually hope you are doing better then fine.
We would like to inform you about the last 10-14 days of instability from our side.We found out that our site has been compromised.Google has inform us through Google Webmaster Tools that we have a security issue that must be resolved ASAP.While we were trying to fix it we had lost our rankings,so many of you couldn’t find us from the Google Search(we are 150-190 positions down at the moment for all of our keywords) and the only way to reach us was through email or by writing our url to your browser.
All this time we were trying to find out how this happened and clean the mess,so you might noticed a delay on your orders.Our sincere apologies but it was necessary to focus on the cleaning part first of all. Now i would also like to let you know that you were not in danger because all the transactions are made under the security provided by Paypal,so there is no reason to worry.Also your account credential for login into our site are safe because we have disable the client back end during the changes we are trying to develop the last 2 months and all the passwords are deleted and will be reset.

What we did to clean our site?

First of all we contact our support from our hosting provider (Hostgator) and ask them to check our site.The support guy couldn’t help us further and submit our Support Ticket to the security department.They asked us to wait and don’t touch anything from our site(files/Database/Pages,etc.).After almost 9 days we got a response.The security team found the problem and fix it.It was an image that came with a plugin… The remove the infection and suggest as the next step to keep it safe.


That’s the first thing you need to do.Update your WordPress version and all the plugins.Always update but just for your security,keep a backup before you do the updates.

SiteLock is the solution

What else can i do beside the update,i asked… You can use a firewall and a malware scanner for your site,they said.Now there is some plugins to scan for vulnerabilities and possible infections on your site,but i thought that this is not enough.The best solution is to contact SiteLock and ask them to take a look to your site and give you proposal that fit to your needs.And that was the beginning of our partnership.As you can notice we have the Sitelock badge that informs you that everyday we are a clean and safe site,a site that you can trust!!!

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